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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Checklist for Pre-Publishing to your Blog

  1. Keyword Rich Content
  2. Tags which can help the search engines properly index your content
  3. Articles you have found that would be interesting to your readers that are related to your subject matter
  4. Opportunities for trackbacks by mentioning another blogger's work
  5. Self-promote yourself to other bloggers if you think you have written a one-in-a-million post, that's if you think it reveals how to get "Google Goodness"
  6. Last but not least.......check for spelling and mechanical errors
This is a summary I have written after reading a post by Liz Strauss Pre-Publishing Checklist at Successful Blog and reading her comments. Robert mentioned there is one more thing, so I added number 6 to the list.

Robert Hruzek from Middle Zone Musings left Liz this comment....

"Well… your list covers content, but there’s more involved than that. After I’m satisfied with the content, I always, Always, ALWAYS(!) reread the post and check for mechanical errors. More than once.

Every time I make a change, no matter how simple it might be, I’ll reread the whole thing again (usually my posts are only about a page or so long). But it sometimes means I’ll do it as many as 7-8 times. And, since I (usually) have the luxury of writing my posts the night before I publish, I’ll reread it again just before pushing the button the next morning.

I often find that no matter how diligent I am, it seems there’s always that last misspelled word, double word or other grammatical faux pas in there somewhere. And, because Blogger seems to have some strange quirks (but I’ve used it for so long I’m getting used to it) I know what to watch for."