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Monday, May 28, 2007

Understanding Entrepreneurial Laws

by The Rogue Professor

The Law of Need

People have needs. They have problems. You can solve those problems. The problems you solve for them creates abundance for you. Good things begin happening for you when you take action and begin solving problems.

The Law of Desire

Desire creates energy. Energy creates Passion. From Passion comes Obsession. Utilizing this Obsession constructively creates Success. Be passionate about what you do.

The Law of Difference

Being a little different (as an Entrepreneur), actually getting out and doing
something creates your rewards. You will be attracted to people who need your
difference. Make that difference a big one. Make it marketable. Abundance will arrive.

The Law of Focus

Stay centered on the focus of your passion and expertise. Examine your
opportunity closely and locate all the possible advantages, then exploit them.

The Law of Order and Systems

Create a system that is organized and priority-driven. Work your goals not by monthly, quarterly, yearly, instead---one day at a time. Focus on daily completion of a set target or goal. Success is easily acquired in small steps.

The Law of Change

Wisdom creates change. Change your wisdom level and your life begins to have positive changes. These changes are in direct proportion to your discovery and use of wisdom. With this also comes opportunity to use this new found wisdom in many more profitable and wealth-generating ways.

The Law of Profit and Reward

Continue to solve enough problems and your productivity (value) increase
proportionately. Your income is in direct proportion to your value in society. As this begins to occur, your income becomes higher than your outgo. More comes in than goes out. That's profit. That's the Reward.